Maintenance Department

CHRC offers full maintenance services for all apartments and properties. Our friendly and trained maintenance staff typically completes work orders within 1-3 business days.

Emergency Situations – Emergencies arise when residents and/or staff are faced with a health and safety or life-threatening situations or there is a condition, which might result in serious structural or systems damage. These situations are handled 24 hours a day / 7 days a week via on-call maintenance services by calling 931-388-5203.  Any after-hour calls are handled by the CHRC Answering Service.

Resident Charges – The CHRC will make repairs “at no charge” for work items identified as normal wear and tear repairs. However, work items which are identified as resident damage, will be charged according to the Maintenance charge list. The labor and material costs are kept on file and are available at the main office.


Sufficient space is provided at each unit to park ONE vehicle (a normal passenger vehicle or equivalent). Residents may have a parking space or have to park on the city streets. All residents vehicles should have a CHRC parking decal in the back rear windshield.

Non-operating and unregistered vehicles are not allowed on CHRC property. Vehicles which are not moved as requested, are disabled or unregistered, shall be ticketed, and towed at owner’s expense.


Development Water Electricity Gas Stove/Refrigerator
Oakwood No No No Yes
Northridge Yes Yes No Yes
Northridge Annex Yes Yes No Yes
Creekside Yes Yes No Yes
Southern Hills Yes Yes No Yes

The CHRC furnishes cold water, sewer, cook stove, refrigerator, and equipment that provides a reasonable amount of hot water at no additional cost to residents. Residents are responsible for electricity and sewer charge. Each resident must contract with the appropriate utility company to begin service as of the date of move-in.  Residents are required to pay for any costs over the current utility allowance for their apartment.

In developments 46.001, 46.002, 46.004 and 46.005 residents receive a gas allowance. However, when a resident goes over the amount of the allowance they receive a bill from CHRC that is due with the following month’s rent.