Rent Services

Acceptable forms of payment for rent are credit card, check or money order. Rent payments may be taken over the phone by calling the main office at 931.388.5203.

Rent Determination

Under the formula-based method of rent calculation, the rent amount is based on 30% of your yearly adjusted gross income. Rent amounts are determined after the application is processed. Specific deductions as listed below may affect the amount the resident pays in rent.

  • Elderly Deduction
  • Disabled Deduction
  • Child Deduction
  • Full-Time Student Deduction
  • Child Care Deduction
  • Utility Allowance

You may elect to take a flat rent, which is NOT based on income, but on the market rates for apartments. The advantage to this type of rent is that you can save a lot of money in comparison to other rental properties. Also, a review of your income is conducted only every three years.

Flat Rent Rates

One-bedroom Apartment $372
Two-bedroom Apartment $494
Three-bedroom Apartment $621
Four-bedroom Apartment $675
Five-bedroom Apartment $758

Security Deposit

At the CHRC public housing communities, the security deposit is currently $150.

The security deposit will be used by the CHRC at the termination of the lease toward any rent or other charges owed; charges for the cost of repairing any damages to the dwelling either caused by the resident, his/her family, guests, or dependents; any cleaning charges, waste removal charges, or other charges as outlined in the lease and CHRC policies.

The $150 security deposit must be paid in full at your move-in. The deposit will be refunded to the resident at move-out if there is no unpaid rent or damages. The resident must provide a receipt showing that all utility deposits were paid to the appropriate utility company before the resident moves in. All the necessary information regarding security deposits is explained to residents prior to signing the lease.