The Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation’s mission is to provide outstanding affordable housing and redevelopment services to improve the quality of life for our residents and the community.

Organized in 1959, Columbia Housing Authority now referred to as CHRC is one of 3,400 public housing authorities operating in the United States. We operate 296 units located in five fabulous communities (Southern Hills, Oakwood, Creekside, Northridge, and Northridge Annex). Organized in 1959, Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation (CHRC) is the housing and redevelopment authority for the City of Columbia, Tennessee.  CHRC operates 296 units of affordable housing across five communities:  Southern Hills (1962), Creekside Acres (1962), Northridge (1981), Northridge Annex (1984) and Oakwood (1987).  Pursuant to a multi-phase development award from HUD, CHRC began converting its 295 unit public housing portfolio to Section 8 project based rental assistance housing under the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program in 2017.  The RAD conversion and $15 million in capital improvements will be accomplished in three phases under three separate ownership entities, as further described below.


CHRC will use a combination of 9% and 4% low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC) and multifamily tax-exempt bonds (MTBA) allocated by the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) to facilitate the acquisition and rehabilitation of the projects.  In order to qualify for the low income credits, CHRC has formed single-asset, for-profit limited partnerships to own (for tax purposes) and operate the developments.  The general partner of each of the ownership entities is a nonprofit corporation and an instrumentality of CHRC.  CHRC will retain fee ownership of each property and will enter into a 75 year ground lease with the newly created tax credit partnerships.  The partnerships will then enter into a 75 year sublease with the Industrial Development Board (IDB) of the City of Columbia.  Then, the IDB will enter into a 20 year PILOT lease with the partnerships.  CHRC will maintain operational control of the developments through its general partner interest and ongoing role as property manager.

The Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation (CHRC) is a quasi-governmental agency that helps people secure affordable, safe and quality housing in the City of Columbia.

We are governed by a board of five commissioners, all of whom are leaders from our community and have been appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Columbia City Council.

The board has begun long-term strategic planning to maximize the agency’s assets to ensure CHRC meets the affordable housing needs of the community and builds sustainable communities. CHRC will continue to create and cultivate programs designed to assist families in achieving economic independence.

The new Columbia Housing and Redevelopment Corporation (CHRC) is proactively redefining its role in the community as a leader in providing exceptional affordable housing and redevelopment services. The new CHRC is an engaging company with a diverse portfolio  that leverages its assets to provide affordable housing and supportive services in partnership with the private sector; nonprofit organizations; and local, state, and federal government. CHRC will use its asset management model to maximize the value of its most valuable assets (people, property, and partnerships).

We are determined to make a difference while providing outstanding affordable housing and redevelopment services. At CHRC, we believe It's A Great Place To Be!