2023 Recertification


CHRC Residents,

Please be advised that according to the HUD Lease Agreement and Tax Credit requirements it is now time to complete the 2023 Annual Recertifications. EVERY RESIDENT is REQUIRED to complete this process because you live on a HUD Multifamily/LITHC subsidized property. This means that you are fortunate to have a portion of your monthly rent subsidized by the federal government. This is a huge benefit to you as a resident! The current rents for each community are listed below. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment and do not complete your recertification within the specified timeframe, you will lose your rent subsidy and will have to pay the contract rent listed above starting January 1, 2023. Therefore, we need your full participation to get this process completed. This year we are scheduling the recertifications by community.

All recertifications must be completed by Dec. 15, 2022, no exceptions! The HUD & LITHC programs require that we complete certain third-party verifications of income and household information. Additionally, if you are working or have bank accounts, we need to receive these verifications in advance of your appointment. Please check your email for further instructions. This year we are using a streamlined process that should only take one hour or less to complete if you follow the instructions below.

There will be two (2) different ways to complete your Annual Review: • By utilizing Rent Café, this is our (online paperless option), no “in-person” visit required (if process is completed correctly). You will need access to the Internet, email address, and information from CHRC regarding your Tenant code. Pease contact our office and let us know if you plan to use this option.


For the Traditional (Paper Application) Method, please read and follow the steps below:

1. You will receive your Recertification packet hand delivered to your apartment in September along with a pre-assigned date and time for your in-person interview.

2. Please complete all the enclosed documents with a blue ink pen. Make sure to answer every question (to include Bank names w/contact information and Child Support Case ID numbers). You MUST sign and date all of the required documents.

3. Once you have completed all the enclosed documents and included the required documents as identified on the attached sheet, please return your documentation in the envelope provided to the office or place in the CHRC drop box no less than five (5) days before your set interview date and time. After submitting your paperwork, please call our office to confirm receipt of the paperwork and your scheduled appointment.

4. Please call the office at 931-388-5203 if you have any questions or need to re-schedule your assigned appointment time.